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Teijin Aramid Introduces Twaron Comforte SB3 Fabric for Body Armor

Teijin Aramid today announced the introduction of Twaron ComForte SB3, one of the lightest ballistic protection products for body armor. Twaron ComForte SB3 is very effective against high energy semi jacketed projectiles like .357 MAG JSP and .44 MAG SJHP with very good trauma attenuation and comfort meeting demanding protection requirements level II and IIIA in accordance with NIJ standard 0101.06.

Based on state-of-the-art Twaron ultra micro yarn, Twaron ComForte SB3 enables lighter body armor with ultimate flexibility and long-term performance consistency. This is fulfilling the need of law enforcement officers and soldiers to move easily while being fully protected.

Teijin Aramid’s state-of-the-art Twaron ComForte SB3 solution combines the ballistic efficiency of a unidirectional laminate, with ultimate body armor flexibility. As such, body armor can be better shaped to the body’s curves, making it more comfortable for soldiers and law enforcement officers. The improved shape ability meets the needs of the increasing number of female law enforcement officers.

“Thanks to Teijin’s dedicated R&D and test facilities, Twaron ComForte SB3 offers tomorrow’s protection today. With this new fabric, body armor can achieve outstanding ballistic protection with more flexibility, comfort and mobility for the wearer. It offers great ballistic performance at all points of its lifecycle and keeps law enforcement officers and soldiers flexible and mobile,” says Manon Schuurmans, Business Department Manager Ballistics.

Teijin Aramid will launch its newest fabric Twaron ComForte SB3 at the Milipol in Paris, France, 21 – 24 November 2017.

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