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body armor for women

Advanced Body Armor For Women Takes Shape

Not long ago, if women in law enforcement or the military needed body armor, they had to choose from a limited number of contoured...

Body Armor Direct Announces Mission to Sell One Million Vests

Body Armor Direct, the number one online direct-to-consumer retailer of NIJ Certified body armor announces a new mission to sell one million ballistic vests....


Testing Ukraine armor

Released Intercepts Between Defense Officials Reveal Them Talking About Defective Body...

Damages to the state caused by purchasing substandard defective body armor at ridiculously high prices is believed to be approximately UAH 100 million.The State...
lighter body armor

Nearly 40 Percent Lighter Body Armor Coming To Marines In 2020

The Corps is gearing up to field its new lightweight body armor plates, designed to be worn in the Corps’ low intensity or counterinsurgency...



Ballistic panels protect school

Bulletproof Panels Protect School In Tennessee

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that many school districts across the U.S. feel the need to protect themselves from violent intruders. In...

Teijin Aramid Has Expansion Plans

Fiber manufacturer Teijin Aramid in Delfzijl (The Netherlands) wants to expand its production capacity. The company announced this last Wednesday evening during a meeting...


Bulletproof Vests

26 Things People Didn’t Know About Bulletproof Vests

Twenty-six Things You Did not Know About Bullet Proof Vests Bulletproof vests … it’s the one item in a police officer’s job that they take...
police bullet proof vest old bulletproof vest

Police Body Armor Is Not A Luxury Item

They're getting by with a little help from their friends – in Trenton.Police departments in Verona and Cedar Grove are set to receive about...

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This website is dedicated to providing you with the latest science, news, and updates related to personal ballistic protection and bulletproof vests including the physics of protective armor. Since the launch of this website in 2003 there have been enormous advancements in the industry. Both concealable armor as tactical armor solutions have become lighter, more flexible and more resistant due to the development of new materials and innovative designs.

During this same period, the types of threats faced daily by those whose job it is to protect us have increased. For hundreds of thousands of police officers, soldiers, security guards, journalists, firefighters, EMS personnel and even K-9 dogs, their daily routine now includes putting on a ballistic vest.

As a result, the standards for testing have been updated and improved so that users can be confident that the vest they’re wearing will meet the level of threat they’re likely to face. We now know that vests must be replaced every five to ten years so the wearer can be certain their vest is continuing to provide them with the rated protection level.

Another advancement has been the development of protective vests designed for females, including the integration of breast sizing. Female soldiers and those in law enforcement no longer have to wear ill-fitting protective armor designed for men, which can never offer them the protection they need and deserve.

At BodyArmorNews.com you’ll find articles on bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets for law enforcement, private security, and all the military applications. You’ll also receive important tips for increasing the lifespan of your protective vest, choosing the right piece of concealable armor to suit your specific needs, and how to wisely balance protection and comfort.

Our dedicated team, aided by a global network of connections, serves the needs of all individuals and groups interested in the latest trends in ballistic protection. We continuously look for new opportunities to expand and improve our news network so that we can serve you even better.

We are a very social site with an active user base. This year our readers have shared tips on ballistic protection and provided input on research projects. We want to thank our loyal readers for their ongoing contributions and extend an invitation to new readers to contact us with interesting industry news and any other information you want to share.