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How All of Us Might Benefit from Body Armor Protection

Things can sometimes turn unexpectedly bad. There have been political uprisings, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, people rioting in the streets, and crime waves throughout history. What follows are shortages of food, water and supplies, which causes people to become desperate. Sadly, we are all at risk of finding ourselves in the midst of such chaos. Do you have a plan in place to defend your home should it be attached by neighbors who want your supplies? You may want to modify your home so it’s easier to defend, perhaps by making the exterior doors and windows more secure.

You should also consider purchasing body armor for yourself and your family so you can all have some level of protection against bullets. If you are under the assumption that body armor can only be purchased by people in the military and law enforcement, that’s not true. Another common misconception about body armor is that it’s prohibitively expensive, and this is also not true.

The truth is that body armor is more available than ever and it’s also very affordable for most people. Body armor comes in a variety of protection levels, styles and shapes. If you’re thinking about getting body armor protection for yourself and your family, but you’re not sure where to start, this article will lead you in the right direction. We will be discussing the features you’ll want, and the various levels of protection.

Body Armor Protection & Why We All Need It

Body armor goes back thousands of years, for as long as people have been waging war with each other. When lethal weapons are involved, some type of armor has always been needed to keep the body protected. These could have been metal armor, woven chains, tough leather cowhides or something else. Body armor, in one form or another, has always protected the military, peace keeping forces, law enforcement and regular civilians.body armor protection

Body armor has continued to evolve and today we have bulletproof or ballistic vests that protect us in case we’re shot. Should disaster strike and a gang of thugs wanting your supplies starts attacking your home, having every member of your family equipped with body armor could save you all. This is in fact the only way you can provide your family with some level of protection from the bullets that would start flying through your windows. If you agree that having body armor protection in such a situation is worth the money, it’s time to discuss the various types of body armor.

Types of Protective Body Armor

There are a number of different types of body armor. One type of armor is concealed vests, which is what police officers commonly wear. Concealed vests protect them against hand guns, knife attacks and shards of glass, but not against rifle rounds. Police more often face criminals with hand guns and knives than thugs wielding rifles. So, since they feel they are being adequately protected they prefer wearing concealed armor.

However, members of the military routinely face more serious threats and therefore prefer the protection of “external combat plates.” These plates are obviously worn over the uniform and provide a lot more protection against incoming rifle rounds than a concealed vest could provide. There are several different types of external plates: you can opt for stand-alone (some come with comfortable padding), multi-piece plates, or plates combined with special features like holsters, magazine holders, and/or pouches for other gear etc.

Of these options, the military favors the multi-piece system. So, what types of threats would you likely be facing? What do you and your family need, concealed vests or exterior plates? If we’re being honest, in a disaster it would be smarter for each of you to have the protection of an exterior plate. In that type of situation, you don’t need to conceal the fact that you’re wearing body armor. You need the best body armor protection. In deciding whether to get a stand-alone plate or the multi-piece system, the multi-piece system offers a way to attach more gear, like a first-aid kit, a sidearm, and spare magazines etc.

Important Features of Ballistic Armor

Your body armor should ideally provide you with a few basic fundamentals, as follows:


This is what owning body armor is all about, right? Your body armor should have the ability to protect you from bodily harm should someone come at you with a knife or a gun. If it can’t do this then there really is no point of putting it on or even owning it in the first place. Make sure that you clearly understand the various protection levels of the body armor you may be considering. It is important that you get the level of protection that best matches the threats you could face. Many countries have their own standard for body armor but worldwide the NIJ standard is the most widely used.

Proper Fit & Comfort

Body armor must fit properly, or it really can’t do the job it was designed to do, which is to protect the body. It’s not only important that the body armor you buy fits you properly, but that it’s also comfortable. At the very least, it should have some padding and be adjustable so that you can get the proper fit. Do not consider any body armor unless it is padded and fully adjustable.

Flexibility & Mobility

Aside from the proper fit and comfort level, your body armor must be flexible enough to allow you to be mobile. While the main job of body armor is bodily protection from bullets, knives and other attacks, you can’t have it slowing you down either. You must be able to move fast without undue restrictions with your vest on. Mobility is essential to staying alive when you’re under attack and trying to defend yourself.

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