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Teijin Aramid Launches Ultra Light Flexible Ballistic Fabric at Milipol 2017

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In every respect Milipol 2017 in Paris, France was a huge success for all participants and guests. It was especially enlightening to see how far our industry has come in terms of innovation and technology.

To get an idea of the size and scope of this event, there were over 1000 exhibitors with displays featuring the very latest in ballistic protection products. All counted, more than 29,000 visitors attended from 151 countries.

Our reporter left the show utterly exhausted but at the same time filled with excitement after conducting a number of very interesting interviews on cutting-edge products that will take ballistic protection to new heights in many different of aspects.

Ballistic material manufacturer Teijin Aramid launched one of the most innovative new products at the exhibition, which garnered a lot of attention. The company took a great leap forward with the introduction of the Twaron ComForte SB3, the best we’ve seen in high-performance ballistic protection fabrics.

In our interview with Mrs. Sooin Kim, Global Product Manager Ballistics, she explains, “With the Twaron ComForte SB3 we developed a unique construction that combines the bullet-stopping properties so unique to unidirectional fabrics with the level of flexibility that is only offered by woven fabrics.”

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Kim went on to add, “Our goal was to develop a very lightweight fabric that was highly adaptable. We specifically hope that body armor manufacturers would use the Twaron ComForte SB3 to produce lightweight, more flexible ballistic vests that can be worn more comfortably.”

What a difference it could make if a highly flexible fabric like this could be used in body armor, allowing military personnel in the field and law enforcement on the streets to move more easily, fully confident in their level of protection. The answer may well lie in the state-of-the-art Twaron ComForte SB3 material.

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