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The Frequency of Mass Shootings Across the Country is Driving an Increase in Body Armour Sales in The Sacramento Area

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Mass Shootings Across the Country Drives an Increase in Body Armour Sales in The Sacramento Area

Manufacturers and suppliers of body armor are experiencing increased sales after a number of recent mass shooting incidents. Personal protection company Citizen Armour has experienced a spike in sales since the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The company expects another burst of business after the Rancho Tehema shooting last Tuesday where five people lost their lives. Company spokesman Russell Steed said, “The personal protection products we sell offer people peace-of-mind.” People all over the country are seeking protection in the aftermath of so many mass shootings.

“We definitely have a boost in sales after a tragedy like this,” said Steed, in referring to the shooting in Northern California. According to Steed, people in California are increasingly buying protective gear, but not necessarily tactical vests. He goes on to explain that they’re buying “shield inserts that can easily be slipped into a purse, backpack or briefcase.” Thinner shields or other types of protective gear designed for everyday use are becoming more popular. “Mothers are buying these items to protect their kids, so they can have a little more peace-of-mind,” he went on to say. Still, there does seem to be a certain stigma in having a piece of body armour.

“Some people take it as evidence of a desire to engage in violence with law enforcement,” said John McGinness the Former County Sheriff of Sacramento. In a number of high-profile shootings, the perpetrator(s) used body armour. The man who shot all those people attending church in Texas earlier this month was wearing a ballistic vest when he went on his rampage killing 26 innocent people.

The Aurora, Colorado movie theatre killer, James Holmes, was wearing protective gear from head to toe when he murdered twelve people. In 1997 two bank robbers in North Hollywood, California were wearing body armour when they fired their high-powered automatic weapons at police in the street while trying to escape. “This is the problem law enforcement is now being trained to deal with,” said McGuinness. A dilemma for police is now being seen as a solution for normal people going about their lives. “I can’t say it’s not a good idea,” he said, “but personally, I don’t really think it’s necessary.” Body armour can be legally purchased by anyone as long as they have never been convicted of a felony.

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