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TrueLock Fabric Provides Durable Solutions for Military and Law Enforcement Applications

Cordura, a leading brand in durable fabrics, has announced the launch of TrueLock. A new advanced fabric technology designed for military and tactical applications. TrueLock features a unique locking system that enhances the durability and performance of Cordura fabrics. This new technology is designed to provide superior resistance to abrasion and tears. This is particularly important in military and outdoor applications such as body armor.

The TrueLock system works by locking the individual fibers of the fabric together. It creates a tight bond that prevents them from separating or becoming damaged during use. This technology significantly improves the tear and abrasion resistance of Cordura fabrics. It ensures they can withstand the toughest conditions.

Additionally, Truelock has significantly better color fastness. Meaning that the color doesn’t fade right away or under UV light. This technology also allows for consistent color from lot to lot. This way it reduces waste and allows for more efficient production. Moreover, it is important for military and law enforcement applications where consistency is key.

Cordura’s Legacy and High-Performance Fabrics

Cordura Advanced Fabric’s global military segment leader, Eric Walker, discussed the company’s mission, background, and recent advancements in a recent interview with BodyArmorNews.com.

Cordura, a well-known brand in the textile industry, is a subsidiary of Invista. A company that was separated from DuPont in 2007 and later acquired by Koch Industries. DuPont is a pioneer in the textile industry and the inventor of nylon. For decades, it has been shaping the textile industry with innovative solutions. Cordura carries on this tradition by producing high-performance fabrics. These last can withstand various challenges in different applications. Including military uniforms, outdoor gear, and workwear. With a reputation for durability and toughness, Cordura fabrics are trusted by various industries worldwide.

Cordura’s Re/cor™product

Cordura’s Re/cor™ fiber is post-industrial recycled nylon that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. It utilizes waste nylon materials. It also requires less energy and resources to produce than virgin nylon. Consumers who choose products made with Re/cor™ fiber can reduce their impact on the planet while enjoying high-quality fabrics.

Cordura’s recent developments have significant implications for the military industry. These implications refer particularly to the sustainability aspect. The military sector is a significant consumer of textiles. The industry’s demand for durable and high-quality fabrics often leads to a high environmental cost. Cordura’s innovations have the potential to reduce this cost significantly.

Cordura’s Commitment to Sustainability

Overall, Cordura’s advanced fabrics are an innovative solution to the challenges facing the textile industry today. Their commitment to durability and sustainability makes them a leader in the field. Their latest innovations, such as TrueLock and re/cor™, demonstrate their continued commitment to improving the environmental impact of their products.
Cordura’s advanced fabrics offer a solution that not only meets the demands of the modern world but also promotes sustainability. Whether it’s military uniforms, outdoor gear, or workwear, Cordura’s fabrics are a reliable and sustainable choice. Especially for consumers looking for high-performance body armor that is built to last.

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