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The ‘Shakti’ a New Defensive Item Revolutionizes the Body Armor Industry

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Lighter and more flexible body armor, is that even possible? Apparently yes, as Major Anoop Mishra from the Indian Army has proved by developing the ‘Shakti’.

A shift in bulletproof clothing

Major Anoop Mishra carefully developed and confectioned the first bulletproof jacket, that is unisex and extremely flexible. Body armor clothing has been around for some time now, but this new bulletproof jacket seems more light, flexible, and resistant than the previous defensive clothes. Major Anoop Mishra has named his invention the ‘Shakti’.

News agency ANI posted about the importance of this development last January:

“Indian Army’s Major Anoop Mishra has indigenously developed world’s first universal bulletproof jacket ‘Shakti’ which can be used by both male and female combatants. The jacket is also the world’s first flexible body armour,” tweeted ANI.

The post also contained a picture of Major Anoop Mishra and one of the armed forces personnel, who was showing the bulletproof jacket to the press.

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Major Anoop Mishra and one of his colleagues wearing the protective jacket.

Importance of the ‘Shakti’

As expected, the ‘Shakti’ bulletproof jacket will be a really useful and practical item for the Indian Armed Forces. This is mainly because of its flexibility, as the ‘Shakti’ will easily absorb bullet impact. Also it will reduce or completely stop penetration directed to the chest from “firearm-based projectiles and shrapnel from explosions”, as Free Press journal indicated.

Free Press Journal also indicated that:

“It is a good year for defence-related indigenous technology for India. In a related development, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) developed India’s first indigenous machine pistol ASMI. These machine pistols are in the class of the Uzi series guns of Israel. They are capable of firing at 100 meters.”

But not only this development is relevant for the Indian armed forces, but for the science and body armor industry in general. The ‘Shakti’ technology can be very helpful to develop new and improved body armor in the future.

Another implication of the bulletproof jacket it’s that it is an economic advance for the Indian exportation market. The minister stated that these bullet-proof jackets are an indigenous product made under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Thus India will soon become a worldwide hub for the supply of this equipment.

Changing the rules, advancing forward

The ‘Shakti’ body armor, being unisex, is a big step forward for equality in the armed forces not only from India, but from the complete defence industry. By developing a protective jacket that can be work by multiple body physiognomies, Major Anoop Mishra has provided the defensive forces a solution to a problem women in the army have been experiencing for a long time.

In addition, any ranks of the armed forces can wear this comfortable and light protective jacket. This meaning that everybody will receive extra protection, and that even the ranks with the smallest danger exposure will receive protection.

This is a decision that the Indian Army Forces seem to have very integrated. As Free Press Journal indicated, Union Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik said that:

“the central government will ensure that “the best of weapons and protective armour are provided to the soldiers”.

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