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New Body Armor Exoskeleton: the Vest that Mixes Robot and Human

The body armor exoskeleton, a new invention distributed by PhoeniX (SuitX) makes performing everyday jobs much easier. But can we use this new vest as a protective one?

What is the body armor exoskeleton?

The different body armor of PhoeniX consists of various protective bars with adjustments to the body of the wearer. In addition to an elaborate technology that allows whoever uses this body armor to better hold heavy objects and increase their strength and resistance. We can also use these vest to help those who have reduced mobility or to support weight surfaces without much effort. As the BBC explains:

“In simple terms, an exoskeleton is an external device that supports, covers and protects its user, giving greater levels of strength and endurance. Sometimes also referred to as “wearable robots”, they can be battery-powered and computer-operated, incorporating motors and hydraulics. Or they can be more simple, passive designs that use springs and dampeners. “

In other words, it is a highly variable and versatile structure that allows you to do all kinds of activities with greater ease; from sports to everyday jobs. For example, we could use these vests in defensive work. Although those who decide to use them would have to have the permission of the entity they work for. Furthermore, this exoskeleton is not essentially protective in risky work, although it can be an interesting additive in addition to body armor. 

Relation to the body armor industry

Perhaps the mix of protective body armor and Phoenix’s exoskeleton will make the job of policemen, security guards and the military easier; in addition to use a traditional vest, they could add this exoskeleton as a compliment. As Adrian Spragg, an expert on the technology at management consultancy Accenture explains for the BBC:

“Many of the early applications have been focused on military and medical applications, but in the last several years there’s been an explosion of use in a range of cases. “

The exoskeleton, although not protective, can increase strength and endurance, which can be useful in defensive work.

How to acquire it?

The vest is already on sale, and there are both companies and individuals who are buying it. As SuitX’s founder Homayoon Kazerooni indicates; “There is no doubt in my mind that these devices will eventually be sold at hardware stores. As the prices come down you’ll be able to simply buy them at Home Depot.”

That is, the vest will become a work tool that we could see daily.

 Benefits of this new body armor model

The benefits are multiple and in many different examples. From the facilitation of different activities as health benefits.  Prof Kazerooni indicated that the biggest benefit is that this exoskeleton prevents muscle fatigue.

“We’ve shown that muscle activity in the back, shoulder and knees drops by 50%,” he says. “If muscle activities drop, that means the risk of muscle injury is less. This means that factory or plant managers get more productivity, their insurance costs are lower, and there are fewer workdays lost to injury. There’s less cost and more productivity.”

In other words, this revolutionary invention could improve not only the defence industry but many more jobs and activities. This, among other developments, can have a major impact on today’s body armor industry.

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