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Man Sentenced to Prison for the Theft of Body Armor

The Prosecutor’s Office stated a sentence of 12 months in prison for a man for an alleged continuous crime of theft committed at the facilities of the Valladolid Municipal Police Headquarters, Castilla and Leon, Spain. As the accused alleges, he seized body armor, as well as almost a dozen pistols, batons and other effects.

In addition to the aforementioned custodial sentence, the public prosecution requests that the alleged perpetrator, compensate the Valladolid Municipal Police with a total of 2,930 euros and hand over the body armor and the license plate holder that he carried when he was surprised. In addition to this, the perpetrator, that remains anonym to the public, should provide the payment of compensation to a specific agent for the vest of his property. The accused stole this vest, valued at 558.42 euros, from the agent, which will now receive the compensation payment.

A Three-Month Robbery

In his brief of qualification, the prosecutor in the case maintains that to commit these acts the defendant, JCLS, 46 years old, used that he had access to the premises of the Municipal Police of Valladolid. He had access because of the work of cleaning the windows that he carried out.

Thus, as indicated by 20 minutos, between January 6, 2020, and March 30 of that same year, intending to obtain an illicit profit, it would have seized various material consisting of:

  • a rigid defence valued at 29 euros
  • two body armor valued each at 558 euros
  • nine Airsoft HK pistols worth 1,190 euro
  • six magazines valued at 272 euros 
  • other effects from the virtual shooting gallery located on Amor de Dios street. All of them for a total amount of almost 3,000 euros.

This, according to the prosecutor’s thesis, including the vest he seized form an actual agent previously mentioned (558.42 euros)

Recorded by security cameras wearing body armor

The facts were discovered on March 30 of last year, when the defendant went to work at the Municipal Police Headquarters. This happened around 2:00 p.m. He was observed by the agents through the security cameras. As a result, the police saw him entering the changing rooms, an area where he was not allowed.

Around 4.30 p.m the police arrested him. JCLS was carrying a garbage bag containing the seized body armor and a badge holder.

The Final Decision Of The Jury

The trial started this past February 2021, as stated by El Norte de Castilla, in which the testimony of the accused (JCLS) was crucial to determine the sentence. 

“I apologize to the Municipal Police of Valladolid, but I was in the whirlwind of cocaine”. Said JCLS, and accept a one-year prison sentence for the continued theft of bulletproof vests and pistols. He has acknowledged and accepted full responsibility for his actions.

The agreement reached implies the suspension of the execution of the sentence for three years. In other words, the defendant will not enter prison as long as he meets the three stipulated conditions. These conditions are: the payment of the civil liability, not committing any other crime, and notifying the court of any address changes.

After sealing the pact the convicted asked the judge for permission to ask for forgiveness for his way of proceeding. “I apologize to the Municipal Police of Valladolid, where I have two friends. But I was in the whirlpool of cocaine use. I’m very sorry, I never thought that I could find myself in this position”.

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