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New York Police Officer Saved by Body Armor after Being Shot

A New York police officer was shot in the chest on March 14 during an altercation. Thanks to the fact that he was wearing body armor, he was able to save his life.

Saved by body armor

Around 9:15 pm the Brooklyn police received an emergency call explaining that a destabilized 44-year-old man had shot his roommate. As Police1 News indicates, the events took place in a second-floor apartment on Hawthorne St. near Flatbush Ave. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn.

After receiving the call, the police rushed to the home. The police arrived quickly, but the attacker was waiting for them in the hallway of the apartment. When the police entered the house the gunman opened fire. He shot one of the attending officers squarely in the chest.  However, the gunman only scratched the other agent, causing no serious injuries.

However, because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, the police officer was able to arrest the attacker. Sources indicate that the officer had not even realized that the bullet had hit him in the chest since the vest had stopped all the impact.

An ambulance carried both policemen and the gunmans’ roommate to Kings County Hospital after the altercation.

The assailant was having a mental breakdown

A published article about the issue on Officer indicates that the assailant was having a mental breakdown and that he was talking to himself before attacking his roommate.

The media has not published the attacker’s name yet. The charges against him remain pending. 

However, the assaulted roommate had to be hospitalized for the serious injuries he received.

As mentioned, none of the police officers received serious injuries. The medical specialist quickly released the officer shot in the chest from the hospital. By Monday he was already resting at home. The medical specialist also released the other officer shortly after.

Other news about policemen saved by body armor.

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