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DSM Dyneema Launches First Responders Education Campaign

DSM Dyneema Introduces First Education Campaign

DSM Dyneema today hosted an event at its North America manufacturing facility to show appreciation for first responders, and announced an upcoming campaign to improve awareness of and access to equipment and training that keeps up with challenges facing those who serve in these fields.

The event launching the multi-year campaign took place at the start of National EMS Week. First responders from throughout North Carolina attended and participated in discussions of important topics including:

• Emerging threats;

• New procedures such as the Rescue Task Force response model; and

• Next generation equipment and armor technology.

“DSM and our DSM Dyneema business group recognize the need for these conversations to move to the forefront,” said Hugh Welsh, president, DSM North America. “With first responders encountering evolving threats, and procedures changing with regard to responding to dangerous circumstances – such as suspected or confirmed active shooter situations – support is critical to ensure access to equipment and training that meets today’s needs as well as the challenges of tomorrow.”

Event guest speaker Greg Chapman, a recognized expert on strategies for first responders, is director of prehospital medicine for Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. He previously served as chair of the Prehospital Trauma Life Support Committee for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. Chapman facilitated an active discussion amongst attending first responders, and provided a brief, highly-interactive presentation on response to challenges facing professionals in the field.

“During the course of my career in law enforcement and emergency medicine, I’ve seen firsthand the wide variance in understanding of how best to protect first responders and make sure they can do their jobs effectively,” said Chapman. “This event and the nationwide program DSM Dyneema plans to follow with are important steps toward bridging the awareness gap, particularly as related to how equipment must evolve as emergency response tactics change.”

The event concluded at a nearby first responder training facility, where attendees observed a live-ammunition shooting demonstration showing performance capabilities of new armor technologies available to protect first responders from emerging threats.

“Armor for personal protection is among the significant needs for first responders, but many organizations don’t know about the options available, particularly with the latest innovations that can protect without interfering with the critical duties EMTs, firefighters and law enforcement officers perform,” said Marcio Manique, global business director, life protection, DSM Dyneema. “Our program will provide much-needed information to help organizations make educated decisions, but beyond that will facilitate conversations that help identify additional challenges that industry partners such as our company can help solve with technology developments or with resources that amplify the voices of the people who protect and serve.”

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