DSM Dyneema, owner of the Dyneema® brand, takes trademark infringement very seriously and continues to make strong progress in its vigorous global efforts to defend the Dyneema® brand against unauthorized and illegal use.

Given the rise in digital commerce, DSM Dyneema has stepped up legal actions against online marketplaces by more aggressively enforcing the removal of advertisements in which the Dyneema® trademark is used without DSM’s permission.

Some of the web portals have featured thousands of adverts infringing the Dyneema® brand. Citing just-released data, DSM Dyneema is pleased to report that its collaboration with the online marketplace owners has led to the removal of more than 22,000 adverts that had been illegally using the Dyneema® trademark. It is notable that this enforcement activity has been continuing for a year, and these numbers show that continuous and diligent action pays off.

“Although Chinese websites are often notorious for offering counterfeit DSM Dyneema fiber products,” noted Nathali Donatz, DSM Dyneema’s Director of Branding & Communications, “a number of online marketplaces – such as Alibaba.com – have shown a cooperative attitude toward trademark owners such as DSM.”

The Alibaba group has a strict approach toward parties that infringe multiple times. If the offending party does not “clean up” its actions, it will be banned from placing advertisements on their websites.

“Promotion of the Dyneema® trademark or logo in relation to an end product provides users of that product with a guarantee that they are investing in performance and quality,” said Ms. Donatz. “It represents a valuable mix of know-how, service and innovation that is protected and leveraged for the benefit of our customers and licensees, as well as for the end users in the various market segments we serve. As such,” she stressed, “we will do all we can to protect the brand and drive home the message that non-authorized companies cannot take advantage of this carefully established position.”


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