Outlet contractor hired to dispose of NYPD’s bullet proof vests, but they sold the armor to criminals on eBay instead

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The Daily News found out that the NYPD discovered that their old bulletproof vests were ending up on criminals and as a result, the city’s contract with the tactical gear supplier Body Amor Outlet was shredded not too long ago.

When NYPD officials learned that the bullet proof vests that were once worn by New York’s Finest ended up on suspected criminals, the contract with Body Armor Outlet based in New Hampshire was canceled by the city.

The city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services contract with Body Armor Outlet to dispose of the NYPD’s old vests was worth $20,000. As per the contact, Body Armor Outlet had to destroy the bulletproof vests or have them recycled in a way that they could not be used in an illegal manner.

However, Body Armor Outlet resold a number of the bullet proof vests on eBay, which included some that were uncovered during arrests.

In November the city’s Department of Investigation was notified by the NYPD about the vests that were recovered and according to sources, this lead to the agency opening an investigation.

A cease-and-desist letter was sent to Body Armor Outlet a month later by the NYPD, which ordered the company to stop selling the old NYPD bullet proof vests on sites like eBay.

Body Armor Outlet also met with investigators from the city and they offered to stop reselling the bullet proof vests and will dispose of them according to NYPD guidelines. Even so, the investigators from the city did not recommend that the DCAS renew Body Armor Outlet’s contract or provide any new contracts to the company to dispose of old vests.

They NYPD and DCAS also immediately canceled the current contract, which was coming to an end in May.

In a Daily News statement, the NYPD stated that New York City contracted Body Armor Outlet to destroy the old bullet-resistant vests in a way that they cannot be used for illegal purposes.

The investigators at the DOI also forwarded the case to the office of Manhattan district attorney for possible criminal prosecution as per the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services documents.

However, the DA’s office didn’t proceed with prosecution because of the loosely written language in the contract, which allowed for a wide interpretation of the meaning of the word “recycling”.

Raymond Bellia, president of Body Armor Outlet, has not made any comments yet.


  1. Your story is factually incorrect. BAO was NOT under contract to destroy the vests. The contract made no mention whatsoever what they could and couldn’t do with the vests, although the NY Daily News did their best to make it look like the contract was violated.
    Furthermore, the NYPD would not cooperate and report the serial numbers of the vest(s) they found on criminal(s), so there would be no way to track where the vests went.
    Additionally, BAO has a verification system on their site so that all buyers need to prove they have a legitimate need for ballistic protection.
    This whole thing smells. If the NYPD was so concerned about where their used body armor went, why would they not call BAO and ask for info to track this sale? Are they worried that one of their own is buying and reselling body armor on the street?
    And that’s amusing that you put, “Raymond Bellia… has not made any comments yet.” Maybe because you haven’t called him?


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