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Safariland & Flying Cross Announce Launch of XpertFit Virtual Sizing Technology For Body Armor

The Safariland Group, under their brand Safariland, and Fechheimer Brothers Company, under their Flying Cross brand, have announced the joint launch of an innovative virtual sizing technology called XpertFit. This provides a contactless self-measuring method of taking body measurements with a mobile phone that officers can use when ordering body armor and safety uniforms.

Fechheimer Brothers Company President/CEO Bob Getto said, “This new way of sizing really sets our two industry brands apart from the crowd by raising the bar in terms of the resources and level of innovation we offer our customers.” He went on to say, “XpertFit provides our dealers with the perfect solution to keep customers safe during this time when social distancing is top priority. This level of efficiency and convenience is something they haven’t experienced until now.”

There is no need for guesswork in onsite measuring since XpertFit can accurately measure you with a smartphone. The entire process can be completed in less than 2 minutes, from when the technology is initiated to when you receive your correct product size.

All you need to do is access XpertFit from your mobile device and choose whether you want to be sized for body armor or a uniform. The technology will then get some general information before taking a picture of you facing front as well as a shot of your side profile. At that point the algorithm will get to work calculating your measurements to determine a recommended size for body armor from Safariland or a Flying Cross uniform.

This month the technology will start phase one of its release to choose a group of XpertFit dealers and customers in preparation for its full launch scheduled for Q2 of 2021. This is an exclusive first-to-market technology launch for Safariland and Flying Cross via the partner dealers participating. XpertFit was developed in a partnership formed with 3DLOOK, which is the worldwide supplier of AI-first touchless virtual body measuring and personalized fit solutions.

Safariland President Brad Williams said, “Properly fitting body armor and uniforms are a necessity for safety and duty personnel and by collaborating with 3DLOOK we’ve been able to revolutionize the measuring process.” He added, “The ability to conveniently obtain accurate measurements is our top priority. XpertFit will allow us to demonstrate this urgency by effectively changing the procurement process to save time and improve customer confidence.”

“We’ve toiled for years to raise the level of service we provide our customers,” Getto went on to say. “Every detail has been tested including the algorithms, market demand, process flow and protection of customer information. Having Safariland as a partner in this venture to incorporate body armor adds to the impact of this technology. We can’t wait to see how this affects our retailers, major customers and internal personnel as well.”

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