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Ukraine Defense Ministry Develops Body Armor According To NATO Standards

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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has developed a ballistic vest according to NATO standards for the first time, the ministry’s press service has reported.

Prior to that, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and military formations purchased body armor on commercial terms.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrii Taran said that the requirements of state and military standards had been applied in the technical specification. In addition, the U.S. Army standard is used to verify the conformity of the bulletproof vest. In addition, the ministry has provided all the necessary tests and strict conditions for armor material suppliers.

“According to this documentation, ballistic vests for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be purchased in 2021. This is a military vest designed for daily combat missions. Its main consumer is the Land Forces. We will develop a lighter model in 2021 for special forces or paratroopers to fulfill their tasks,” Taran said.

The new body armor can be purchased with both metal and ceramic hard armor. A modular ballistic vest is made of different levels of ballistic resistance.

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