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Soldier Protection: How Do We Protect The Squad And Reduce Weight?

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You probably hear or ask yourself this question when working on programs involving individual soldiers or marines, right? Now, the focus is changing to the squad, so how do we do this?

Individual soldiers are often so over burdened they’ll choose to leave body armor behind to maintain mobility. This is something that no military personnel, industry or civilian wants to hear.

So what is the solution? Affordable, lightweight novel soldier protection solutions from industry to protect the squad in a variety of missions.

If you’re currently working to improve soldier personal protection then you should consider attending the Soldier Technology conference and exhibition where on January 26th 2012 there will be a whole day dedicated to ‘Protecting the Squad’.

In combination with the main conference on January 25 and 26, this day will enable you to meet network with and learn from all the key requirements and procurement folks involved in soldier and force protection including PEO Soldier, Troop Support Clothing & Textiles – Defense Logistics Agency and Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command – plus many innovative personal protection manufacturers.

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Here is just one of the highlights of the day (at 1200):

USMC Body Armor

Lt Colonel Kevin Reilly, Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command

• Scalable Armor Protection

• Pelvic Protection

• Head Protection and ECH

Soldier systems modernization has new leadership and new priorities. New S&T leaders including Dr Marilyn Freeman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Research and Technology and new procurement leaders including Brigadier General Camille Nichols, PEO, PEO Soldier are building new 3,5 and 7 year technology roadmaps. They will define how the future soldier fights and give insight in to requirements and future acquisition by PEO Soldier.

PEO Soldier’s new Commanding General, Brigadier General Camille Nichols will speak and attend Soldier Technology 2012 to update industry and fellow soldier systems modernizers across North America.

In addition to new leadership, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) are currently planning ahead for future soldier sustainment. If something needs replacing in theater, soldier protection such as body armor for example, DLA awards is responsible for the contract to replace those bullet proof vests. At Soldier Technology 2012 they will tell industry what the plan is to sustain protection equipment going forwards, something a lot of protection manufacturers absolutely must know to effectively plan how they resource their factories.

Soldier protection will be one of the key issues

Sustaining the squad and soldier protection will be one of the key issues and hottest topics in debate at Soldier Technology US in January 2012, the annual gathering of senior soldier and marine system modernization leaders in Crystal City, Arlington where decisions about future capabilities for the small unit and squad take shape. It is the only place where over 550 government and industry program managers meet and learn from Pentagon, Army, Marine Corps and industry leadership about soldier system modernization requirements and business opportunities to unburden, connect, train and protect ever more lethal small units and squads.

To find out more about a spectrum US Army and Marine Corps soldier protection initiatives visit www.soldiertechnologyus.com

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