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Safariland Introduces FoxFury Integrated Light / Handle for its Patented X Series Ballistic Shields

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The Safariland Group (“Safariland”), a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today introduced its next generation Safariland® PROTECH® X Series ballistic shields featuring the FoxFury® Taker B70 integrated shield light and handle. The X Series lightweight shield with its integrated lens cap combined with the feature-laden light / handle design provides a clean look and further reduces the overall weight. Offered in two handle styles, Safariland partnered with FoxFury®, an industry leader in shield lighting, to develop the 3-position integrated handle design offered exclusively in the Safariland brand of ballistic shields.

“We know that law enforcement’s needs continue to evolve, so we are continuously sourcing and developing products in or to offer the most relevant products for today’s demands,” said Mark Cardey, manager of engineering and Hard Armor R&D for Safariland. “We’ve been able to do just that with the new X Series shields that combine new technology in light attachment, with an exclusive handle feature all in a durable, yet lightweight product.”

The X Series models with the FoxFury Taker B70 Integrated light and handle feature a top-of-the line LED light with the functionality merged into the handle design. The cord-free light is bolted to the shield through the handle and is powered by six CR123 batteries which are incorporated into the handle, eliminating the need for battery packs and loose, external wiring typically seen on ballistic shield lights. Two handle options are offered: the standard horizontal handle, or a 3-position handle design co-developed by Safariland in partnership with FoxFury. The exclusive 3-position handle is ambidextrous and features ergonomically designed pressure switches which are easily activated by the thumb.

The powerful light features two settings: ON/OFF setting or a Tactical setting with three modes, momentary, continuous or Turbo-Strobe™.  The light also features a Kill/Deactivation Switch so the light cannot be accidently activated.  The light is bolted to the shield through the handle and features separate circuitry on each of its two rows of LEDs so that if one row is damaged the operator can still maintain visibility. The powerful and durable lighting platform is engineered from a molded nylon 66 blend that is fire and impact resistant, and waterproof.

Safariland’s X Series type IIIA ballistic shields made with Honeywell Spectra Shield® material feature a patented process which molds the lens cap into the ballistic composition of the shield at the time of pressing. This results in a lens cap design of the same ballistic material as the rest of the shield. This streamlined design eliminates points of weakness where the shield and components meet – drill holes and seam lines. The seamless moulded viewport in this bolt-less design allows for a shield that can be 20 percent lighter without sacrificing protection and ensuring ballistic integrity.

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