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Pro-Systems Reduces Carbon Footprint With Recyclable Aramids

Pro-Systems is an Italian ballistic materials manufacturer who specialise in the manufacture of fabrics made with aramid fibre. The company has been in the business for 25 years now weaving para-aramids like Kevlar, Twaron, etc.

Pro-systems works with the aim to protect those who protect us. BodyArmorNews.com interviewed Mr. Marcin Dombrowski, Business Development Manager to learn more about the company and their newest ventures.

Adding value to the fabric

The company focuses on the manufacture of woven fabrics with special resin systems, working to add value to the yarn. They try to weave it in a special way and reinforce the fabric by giving it new properties with their resin system.

“We’ve developed a technology,” Mr. Dombrowski said, “That allows us to apply very fine metrics to improve the integrity of the pack. The client doesn’t have to quilt the material so they’re saving money.

“We provide them with usable fabric. This way, it’s easier to produce and design ballistic solutions that are economically attractive. EMEA is our main market, but we also have large customers in the US and Australia.”

Aramids and sustainability

Pro-Systems is also taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Firstly, by paying attention to the logistic chain, they try to make the production of their products less energy-consuming.

Moreover, since they are in the business of weaving aramids, their products are recyclable. “Unlike polyethylene fibres which you can only burn after using,” Mr. Dombrowski explained, “Aramids are recyclable.”

“You can convert the old products to be used in car brakes, gaskets, hoses, and now, even re-spinning is starting to be a feasible option. There are many big projects in motion to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

“What I just described is considered as downcycling. Now, the big companies are also working on going fully circular. In that way, they can use the old waste from their products, chop it and convert it.”

Going carbon neutral

When asked whether the body armor industry will ever go carbon neutral, Mr. Dombrowski replied with the following: “If we find a way to produce the yarn without emitting carbon, then yes, it is possible.

“However, personally, we are in the middle of the chain. We are not a big producer of the yarn. We buy the yarn on the market and convert it. Like I said, we try to make our production less energy consuming and we modify our machinery to reduce the waste during the process.

“So normally, our weaving generates much less waste than our competitors. We do everything that we can do. But the big part is for the big players to make a change. If you ask me personally, I will support it.”

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