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Record High Demand For EnGarde Dual Use™ Body Armor

The success of the Dual Use™ line is due to its exceptional lightweight design coupled with unprecedented stopping power and concealability. Weighing in under 10 lbs (4.4 kg) the EnGarde Dual Use™ offers protection against AK-47 MSC rounds, one of the lightest covert ballistic vests that can provide that level of protection.

“We are proud of the advanced engineering that goes into our body armor systems” says EnGarde’s Marketing Director, Iwan Luiten. “The surge in sales we’ve experienced is testimony to the quality and durability of our ballistic products.

It’s the combination of features that makes the Dual Use™ line so popular with law enforcement and elite military and paramilitary teams. Outside Dual Use™ starts with a durable Microfiber Coolmax® shell with integrated pockets for soft armor panels. Layered over the soft panels are special pockets fitted for hard armor inserts for additional protection against high velocity rifle rounds. The styling of the ballistic package provides a low-profile silhouette that fits discreetly under street clothes for covert operations.

More tactical teams around the globe are looking to EnGarde to supply their critical threat teams with body armor and ballistic protection. Engineered for comfort, maneuverability and extended daily wear in a rapidly evolving threat environment, EnGarde is premium protection for a dangerous world.

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