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NFM Group’s Thor Line and Sustainability Commitment

NFM Group is a company that specializes in the development and production of military protective gear. In an interview with Tor Inge Thun, the Chief Project and Integration Officer of NFM Group, he talks about the recent growth of the company. Furthermore, the group’s current position in the body armor industry and their recent acquisition of Hexonia. Tor also discussed their new line called the Thor line and their focus on sustainability.
“The core vision of all that we do is to protect those who protect us and be a technological lighthouse” – Tor Inge Thun.

Developments on the Thor Line

The Thor Line centers around the Modular Combat Vest System (MCVS). The MCVS is a versatile and modular combat vest system. It’s configured to meet the specific needs of individual soldiers. Moreover, it can transform from a plate carrier to a 360-degree protective configuration. This way provides optimal protection to the shoulders, neck, and groin area.

One of the key advantages of the MCVS armor system is its modularity. This means that soldiers can tailor their vests to meet their specific mission requirements.
The Thor Line is the latest evolution of the MCVS system. NFM Group has already delivered the Thor Line to Norwegian Armed Forces. Thun displayed the Thor Line in a configuration called the ballistic plate carrier, which offers extensive protection to the wearer’s front, back, and sides. The plate carrier configuration is popular among infantry soldiers. As it provides excellent protection against enemy fire.

Current Position in the Industry and Hexonia’s Acquisition

The current position and growth of NFM Group in the industry are remarkable. As per Tor’s explanation, the company has experienced good growth in the past few years. NFM Group’s growth relates to the war in Ukraine. Although the conflict is unfortunate, it has created a business opportunity for NFM Group to supply high-quality military equipment.
Thun also highlighted the recent acquisition of Hexonia. This acquisition has enhanced NFM Group’s technological capabilities. Hexonia’s expertise in textile fabrication and treatments, along with its production capabilities, complements NFM Group’s existing capabilities. The acquisition has also enabled NFM Group to develop seamless weaving technology. Those are crucial in the development of underwear and insulation wear. This technology has opened new opportunities for the company. Allowing the company to create products on a level that they were before unable to do.

NFM’s commitment to sustainability

NFM Group’s commitment to sustainability and leaving a positive impact on the environment is commendable. Tor emphasized the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and leaving a better world for future generations. By using recycled materials to create its products, NFM Group takes a step towards achieving its goal. This is a small step in making a difference. But “It is a step in the right direction.” Tor says.

The company believes in creating a better world for everyone. Sustainability is one of the ways they aim to do so. This value aligns with their focus on creating a positive workplace culture that values their employees. NFM Group demonstrates their dedication to not only protecting those who protect us but also protecting the planet.

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