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Again, Body Armor Saves a Life. Policeman Saved after Being Shot.

A recent event in Chaco reinforces the idea of “one agent, one body armor“. Luckily, the injured agent was saved by body armor, after being shot in the torso.

Incident in Chaco

Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon on April 11, a group of police officers were patrolling McLean Avenue. This is located in the province of Chaco, Argentina. As indicated by Chaco Hoy; The agents, from their checkpoint, observed how two motorcyclists approached at high speed along Avenida 6 de Septiempre.

Upon noticing the high speed of the men on the motorcycle, the officers decided to approach and ask that they slow down. In addition, one of the men was carrying a backpack that could be related to a weapons theft that was under investigation.

As the officers approached the vehicle, one of the men on a motorcycle began shooting at the officers several times. The attacker had the gun hidden under his jacket. 

There were no serious injures

The shots hit one of the officers, causing him to lose his stability. However, the body armor he was wearing stopped the impact. Therefore, the bullets did not cause major harm. Thanks to the fact that the agent saved his life, the agents could carry on with the operation. However, they could not arrest the offenders; but they dropped the backpack they were carrying, which contained:

  • A police officer’s uniform
  • A set of police handcuffs
  • A 45-millimetre firearm
  • Three cartridges of 38 calibre bullets

After recovering this backpack, which was identified as the stolen police material, the agents called the ambulance. After the examination, they diagnosed the harmed officer with minor injuries.

According to the Diario Primera Linea:

“In consultation with the Magistracy,  they ordered that the recovered backpack must be handed over to the guard and, and that the attackers will be charged with an Alleged Accusation of Weapons and Injuries.”

Saved by body armor.

As has been seen in many of the recent events, the importance of wearing body armor in jobs that require protection is vital. Wearing properly fitted, correctly sized and secured body armor is a must for everyone working in the police, military or private defence industries.

In other words, this example showed that body armor is the fine line between minor injuries and a problematic medical emergency.

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