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Sacramento Policeman Saved by Body Armor

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An incident occurred in Sacramento last month; in which an officer was shot in the stomach, however, the body armor he was wearing saved his life. The shooting took place on March 23, on Tangerine Avenue. This is another of the many cases in which a police officer is saved by body armor.

Once again, saved by body armor

On April 3, The Sacramento Police Department published the video of the shooting, which will be used as incriminating evidence in the suspect’s trial.

According to police, officers arrived in the neighbourhood to investigate a call of shots being fired. An officer was patrolling the neighbourhood when he saw a person walking down the street. 

In the video, it’s seen how the suspect approached the patrol car in which the agent in question was, and fired. The bullet hit the officer in the stomach, but because he was wearing body armor, the officer saved his life. After the impact, the injured officer got out of the car and fired back at the suspect. After an argument in which the agent immobilized the suspect, he alerted the emergency services so that they could assist him. 

The video transcript, posted by  Sacramento CBS Local, reads like this:

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– My hand’s up!

– Put it down!

– My hand’s up!

– Put it down now! Put your hand down now! One hit. He’s down on the ground. Hand’s still on his g– gun’s still in his hands. Hey, just tell me your name and let’s talk this out. We can get you some help. The fire department is on its way.

The video helped to clarify the facts

The suspect, identified as Joshua Hippard (32 y / o), tried to reload his pistol from the ground and refused to drop the weapon. A Crisis Negotiation and SWAT squad were sent to the scene after Hippard reportedly refused to obey orders. The police had to bring a specialized robot to the crime area to remove Hippard’s gun. Finally, the agents were able to arrest him and take him to the hospital. Hippard faces several and very severe charges. Hippard is also accused of shooting at another vehicle passing through the neighbourhood shortly before police entered, according to detectives.

The wounded officer has already been released from the hospital.

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