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Old Bulletproof Vest Upset Police

Expired Bulletproof Vest Upset Police

An old bulletproof vest is putting police officers’ lives at risk, the Police Association of NSW says.

The police force urgently needs upgraded equipment to prevent injuries and deaths among front-line officers, union president Scott Weber said on Sunday.

Old bulletproof vest is safety concern

A recent survey shows 70 per cent of officers are concerned about the effectiveness of an old bulletproof vest, most of which have been in use since 1996.

“Police work is dangerous enough, but inadequate safety equipment, such as bullet resistant vests, unnecessarily puts lives at risk,” Mr Weber said in a statement.

Last week’s NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics showed an increase in gun-related crime in NSW, underscoring the need for high-quality protective equipment, he said.

“The NSW government says it wants to be the number one state, but its police force is having to make do with second-class equipment such as an old bulletproof vest,” Mr Weber said.

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