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Next-Gen Armour: Designing Systems For The Future Of Law Enforcement

Next-Gen Body Armor: Designing Systems For The Future

Law enforcement officers and special teams demand the utmost in performance and versatility from their gear to protect them in high-risk situations. PRE Labs today announced the Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System, a new addition to its lineup of premium tactical carriers. The Amaruq™ – meaning Grey Wolf in the Inuktitut language – is a complete tactical armour system that offers numerous innovations to better protect and equip law enforcement while on duty.

“We worked closely with special teams to address their current equipment challenges,” says Brad Field, CEO at PRE Labs. “Through this feedback and supported by our advanced materials research, the Amaruq builds upon our foundation of survivability products to offer the next generation of tactical body armour.”

Naturally, its name was influenced by design. Like the Canadian grey wolf, the Amaruq is lean in stature, agile in action, and powerfully built.

Features of the Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System include:

  • Next-gen materials and construction: Crafted from exceptionally durable CORDURA® nylon and SQUADRON™ fabrics which are built to last. The vest is lined with a highly breathable and moisture-wicking 3D mesh material along with an OUTLAST® thermal control layer for temperature regulation and maximum comfort.
  • Rapid attachment and release: PRE Labs patent-pending QUICKLOC™ four-point self-aligning magnetic system is stealthily mounted and allows for maximum front and side laser cut MOLLE real estate.
  • Extensive laser-cut MOLLE coverage: Low-profile and lightweight, the large panels offer over 180 attachment points for your critical equipment where you need it most.
  • Maximum vital coverage: Equipped with PRE Labs unique Armour Plate Positioning System (APPS™) which dynamically adjusts and secures any size or shape hard body armour plate, balances the load and ensures that the rifle plates stay in the ideal position for maximum protection.
  • Comprehensive ballistic protection: Compatible with PRE Labs Enhanced Modular Armour Protection System (EMAP™) and a wide range of certified hard plates and soft armour ballistics for a complete intervention unit solution.
  • Infinite gear configuration: Compatible with all your MOLLE equipment or stack and secure your gear with PRE Labs Scalable Tactical (STAC™) Pouch System.
  • Meticulously engineered for performance & comfort: The Amaruq™ offers numerous duty-ready features such as adjustable padded shoulders, removable load-bearing suspenders, a large volume accessory pocket, and integrated cable loops for everyday comfort and versatility.

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