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New Edition Armour: Materials, Theory, and Design

Updated throughout for this new edition, Armour: Materials, Theory, and Design covers extant and emergent protection technologies driving advances in armour systems.

This second edition of this body armor book explains the theory, applications, and material science aspects of modern armour design as they are used in relation to vehicles, ships, personnel, and buildings, and explores the science and technology used to provide protection against blasts and ballistic attacks.

Chapters cover bullets, blasts, jets and fragments, as well as penetration mechanics. The new edition builds on the previous one, discussing ceramics and metallic materials as well as woven fabrics and composite laminates. Detailing modern technology advancements, the second edition has also been expanded to include improved explanations on shock mechanisms and includes significantly more figures and diagrams.

An essential guide to armour technology, this body armor book outlines key ways to implement protective strategies applicable for many types of conflict.

The book is currently available at Amazon and Routledge.

About the author

Paul J. Hazell has over 25 years of experience studying the impact behaviour of ballistic materials. In 2012 he moved to Canberra, Australia from the UK to take up the post of Professor of Impact Dynamics at UNSW Canberra. Before taking this position he was Head of the Centre for Ordnance Science and Technology at Cranfield University’s Shrivenham campus (at the UK Defence Academy). He carries out engineering consultancy, has published extensively, appeared in several documentaries and presented his research work at numerous symposia.

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