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Kevlar Helmet Being Upgraded

Dupont Kevlar Helmet Upgraded

The Kevlar helmet, like the one that saved the life of a Midland Marine, are receiving upgrades that make them more protective. According to a CNN report, The U.S. Army and Marines are working on upgrading their Kevlar Helmet to the Enhanced Combat Helmet also known as the MICH helmet. The outer shell is made from the same high-molecular-weight polyethylene plastic being investigated for groin protection. The thicker protective shell would make the Kevlar helmet lighter than the current Kevlar helmet.

If all goes according to plan, the Army hopes to star giving those to soldiers in Afghanistan by November.
A sniper struck the Kevlar helmet of U.S. Marine Sgt. Paul Boothroyd III in March while he was serving in Afghanistan’s southern region. The bullet ricocheted after piercing his helmet and entered his skull at an angle, lodging behind his right ear.

Boothroyd, who attended Midland High School for three years and homeschooled his senior year, is healthy and spent a 30-day convalescent leave in Midland. Currently, Kevlar helmet MICH and ACH come with a 3/4-inch foam pads inside. Recently, U.S. Army has provided some soldiers with 1-inch pads to make the helmet fit better.

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