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NFM Group Acquires Hexonia GmbH

NFM Group has acquired all the shares of the company Hexonia GmbH in Germany. This acquisition makes NFM Group a leading European company in protective equipment and combat clothing.

Hexonia is a supplier of personal protective equipment and combat clothing to the German armed forces and has its head office and production in Nettetal, just outside Düsseldorf. The acquisition is the biggest in NFM Group’s history to date.

– The acquisition gives us a significant position in Germany, a large and important European market for NFM Group. We have worked with Hexonia for several years, and therefore know the company well, says Walter Øverland, CEO of NFM Group.

The acquisition will significantly increase NFM Group’s total production capacity, access to new technology, and new markets. The goal is to protect those who protect us with the best products and services available in the market.

– We see significant synergies within production, technology, and expanded market access. The added capacities and Hexonia’s proven track record in the German market will strengthen our capability to provide the best possible solutions for our highly valued clients on a global level. This acquisition will make NFM Group a leading European company within our industry.

– It will be both demanding and exciting to develop NFM Group further with Hexonia as a part of our company. In total, we will be close to 1,000 employees after the acquisition, and in 2023 the turnover is expected to exceed 200 M. EUR. And with the current security situation in Europe, we probably won’t be unemployed anytime soon, concludes Øverland.

Hexonia will continue in its current operating form, led by Sabine Alberts and Nils Toverud as Managing Directors of Hexonia. Nils is Chief Business Officer in NFM Group and representative of the shareholder

– Through the acquisition process, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Hexonia and its skilled and committed employees. Hexonia plays a crucial role in protecting German soldiers through their products, and we will reinforce this importance by building additional industrial presence and expertise. Germany is currently carrying out a significant modernisation of its defence with an investment fund of 100 B €, and Hexonia faces strong growth, according to Toverud.

– Hexonia is a textile technology leader, developing and manufacturing combat clothing and helmet systems. In addition to maintaining the position as a solid supplier in the German market, we look forward to being able to offer their unique products outside Germany as well, concludes Toverud.

The acquisition was formally completed in Nettetal on the 16th of December, together with all the Hexonia staff.

About NFM Group

NFM, founded in 1996, designs and produces protective equipment that enables the user to deploy this full capacity during combat, while staying protected. Our systems and products, based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, are designed with the user in the center and by continuously implementing a holistic and innovative approach to protection.

Today, NFM has contracts with over 50 military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

About Hexonia GmbH

Hexonia GmbH was established in 2005 and has grown to be a leading supplier of clothing and protection systems to German soldiers. With more than 200 employees, strong R&D competence, and significant production capacity in Germany, Hexonia will continue to be a strong contributor to German sovereignty. Hexonia has its head office and production in Nettetal, just outside Düsseldorf, as well as a second production site in Saxony, Eastern Germany.

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