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CES Composites: Innovating Aerospace and Defense Composites

In a recent interview with Karl Nielsen, the Business Development and Sales Lead at CES Composites, we learned about the company’s background, goals, and innovative composite materials. The company focuses on aerospace composites and personal protection products. Since its founding in 1996, CES Composites has grown exponentially. Its headquarters are in Turkey, and it has branches in the UK and Singapore. An acquisition by the Holding Group in 2012 contributed to the company’s growth, expanding it from a 15-person operation to a workforce of over 500.

Diverse Product Areas and Industry Segments

The company’s primary focus lies in aerospace composites, producing composite parts for industry giants such as Airbus and Sikorsky Aerospace. Additionally, CES Composites specializes in personal protection, delivering lightweight PE helmet systems, body armor, and vehicle armor. This approach sets the foundation for their success. Their wide range of personal protection products shows their dedication to developing innovative solutions to protect people and vehicles in various industries. This way, CES Composites became a trusted supplier of high-quality composite products.

Setting a New Standard with Composition Materials

The company stands out primarily because it offers composite materials that are lighter and offer more protection than standard ones. The company’s polyethylene-based helmets protect against small pieces better than normal helmets made of Aramid or Kevlar. In fact, for the same weight, the polyethylene hats offer about 40% more protection. Also, the materials used are not only lighter, but last longer and are the most reliable in the field.

Flexibility and Future Prospects

One of CES Composites’ key strengths lies in its flexibility. They can handle large-scale orders while staying committed to quality. To meet market needs, they work with both partners and competitors. This way of working together strengthens their position in the market and makes their clients feel like they can trust and choose them. This trust translates into long-term partnerships, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Clients feel empowered to choose CES Composites over competitors due to the assurance of a flexible and responsive partner.

Future Prospects and Innovations

Looking ahead, CES Composites thinks that high-performance polyethylene-based systems will become more popular, especially in Europe and NATO countries. The company’s ability to reduce helmet system weight by 40% is a game-changer in the industry, and its plans to double production capacity will only amplify this impact. On the body armor front, CES Composites anticipates a move toward customized systems, with a focus on the German VPAM ballistic standard.

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