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IPEK SAVUNMA: Innovations in Armor Technology

IPEK SAVUNMA was established in 2007 as an engineering company with the goal of creating tactical gear and composite armor. By combining meticulous research and development with a dedication to technological innovation, IPEK SAVUNMA has consistently developed products that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of its customers. Ms. Nil Laçin, the Sales Manager, discussed the company’s products and practices, in a recent interview with BodyArmorNews.com.

Advanced Armor Solutions

IPEK SAVUNMA’s portfolio includes a wide range of armor solutions.

IPEK SAVUNMA's Platinum Series
IPEK SAVUNMA’s Platinum Series

The Platinum Series hard armor plates are one of IPEK SAVUNMA’s signature items, as they are known for their strength-to-weight ratio and novel construction. Utilizing 6th generation UHMW polyethylene fabric reinforced with carbon fiber and hot-pressed boron carbide ceramics, these plates represent the pride of IPEK SAVUNMA. Notably, the Platinum Series plates offer multi-shot protection against various ammunition types, while remaining remarkably lightweight.

The company’s soft armor offerings typically stand at level III, although customization options are available to align with specific technical requirements and budget constraints of the end-user.

IPEK SAVUNMA's Soft Body Armor and Plate Carriers
IPEK SAVUNMA’s Soft Body Armor and Plate Carriers

IPEK SAVUNMA’s plate carriers exemplify modularity and adaptability, featuring plate pockets and optional soft ballistic inserts. Whether it’s arm, neck, or groin protection, the company’s plate carriers offer extensive coverage tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the end-user.


IPEK SAVUNMA's Ballistic Helmets
IPEK SAVUNMA’s Ballistic Helmets


In addition to its body armor offerings, IPEK SAVUNMA produces helmets made from polyethylene, that provide level IIIA protection with the option to upgrade for AK47 resistance by attaching an extra layer of protection to the helmet.

Manufacturing Processes

With two factories located in Ankara, IPEK SAVUNMA guarantees the highest production standards for its products. One facility produces bullet proof vests, plate carriers, and backpacks, while the other specializes in ballistic products such as plates and helmets. In this manner, the establishment ensures quality control and attention to detail throughout the whole production process. This dual-faceted approach not only simplifies operations but also shows the company’s dedication to delivering fine products to their clients.
Global Reach and Future Outlook

As Ms. Nil Laçin mentioned that IPEK SAVUNMA primarily serves military customers, the company has begun selling its goods to the Ukrainian army due to the continuing conflict. The company also serves several foreign markets in Europe that have expressed interest in the company’s products.

Towards Inclusive Armor Solutions

IPEK SAVUNMA acknowledges the necessity of diversity in the body armor industry and the significance of creating female tailored products. Although the company currently only offers male solutions, it is open to pursuing future initiatives that target this market. “As a woman, yes, I would love to produce plates for women, but we don’t have them. … It could be the next step. I guess we have to improve ourselves.”, states Ms. Nil Laçin.

Sustainable Practices

Ms. Nil Laçin explains that currently, the company does not use recycled materials due to using resin in polyethylene products. Although, IPEK SAVUNMA intends to investigate environmentally friendly business methods like ethical sourcing and smart waste disposal techniques.

By emphasizing innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, IPEK SAVUNMA establishes itself as a respectable rival in the industry. Looking ahead, the company hopes to expand its product range and solidify its position as a leader in armor technology.

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