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Croatian Manufacturers of Protection: Croshield and Valkre Armor Systems Lead with Innovation and Precision

BodyArmorNews.com interviewed, on two separate occasions, Croshield’s founder and owner, Mr. Dražen Frković, and Valkre Armor Systems’ CEO, Mr. Peter Ribar. The two Croatian manufacturers discussed their companies’ products and practices.

Croshield was established in 2006 by Dražen Frković, initially catering to the local security market and mining companies. Then it expanded to regions like South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Valkre Armor Systems’ is a Serbian-Croatian company that was founded in 2011. It is renowned for its focus on specialized projects designed to meet unique requirements. The company has always focused on the special forces sector, carving a niche for itself

Innovative Product Offerings

Croshield Ballistic Vests

Croshield has a diverse product portfolio, alongside the usual ballistic vests and plates. The company offers mining vests and bomb blankets, which represent a profitable market in Croatia due to the still existing mine fields. Croshield also offers fashion armor, which refers to concealable armor inserted into shirts and suits, and bullet proof briefcases designed for VIPs. Croshield focuses not only on the protection of people but also on the protection of animals. They customize their K9 armor according to the needs and sizes of the dogs, although they have a few standardized sizes.

Valkre Armor Systems Ballistic Vests

Valkre Armor Systems’ most sold product used to be their concealable vest, but now the Luca models have surpassed it. With a focus on modularity, the Luca models stand out for their laser-cut design and compatibility with concealable panels. This model offers the possibility of adding protection for neck, shoulders, groin, lower back and abdomen. Through this, the company highlights commitment to adaptable and customizable solutions. Additionally, the company started to redevelop their Supreme plate carriers, which have garnered praise for their performance and design in the past.

Efficient Manufacturing and Global Reach

Central to Croshield’s manufacturing process begins with design development and production in Croatia. The company sources materials from European manufacturers, testing each component for quality assurance. With all manufacturing conducted in-house under one roof, Croshield maintains strict control over the production process.

Valkre Armor Systems operates through subsidiaries in Croatia and Serbia, optimizing its manufacturing processes to cater to diverse markets efficiently. The company uses only advanced materials from Europe’s most reputable manufacturers, working almost exclusively with Dyneema. They produce their carriers in Serbia, and manufacture all their ballistic products in Croatia, with a significant portion exported to EU countries, but they also prioritize outsourcing for non-core activities, like the production of fastening systems and accessories.

Empowering Women’s Safety

Croshield offers body armor designed specifically for women, recognizing the importance of inclusive and effective protection. The company offers ballistic vests and fashion armor for women and is currently working on developing female specialized plates.

Valkre Armor Systems has prioritized the development of ballistic vests tailored specifically for women in the last ten years. By addressing concerns related to potential health issues due to extensive pressure on female breasts, the company shows its dedication to their customers’ health, comfort and safety. “I don’t want to have anybody getting tumors just because they were wearing unstructured vests.”, states Mr. Peter Ribar.

Environmental Responsibility

The two Croatian manufacturers acknowledge the challenges of recycling certain materials, like polyethylene, but actively strive to incorporate sustainable practices where possible. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, their factories have solar panels and both companies partly use recycled materials in their products.

Forward-Thinking Goals

Looking ahead, the Croatian manufacturers aim to penetrate the US market within the next years. With Croshield’s desire to differentiate itself and its focus on tactical and ballistic equipment, and Valkre Armor Systems’ dedication to meeting specialized requirements and exceeding customer expectations, the companies stay on track for continous growth and success in the global security landscape.

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