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ANORAK HELLAS Develops Concealable Plate Carrier System

ANORAK HELLAS is an entirely Greek body armor manufacturer based in Athens, Greece. The company’s products include ballistic helmets, bulletproof vests, ballistic panels and ballistic eyewear systems. At Milipol Paris 2021, BodyArmorNews.com had the opportunity to interview Mr. Dimitris Koskovos, CEO of ANORAK HELLAS and speak about the company as well as their latest products.

The history of ANORAK

When asked about the roots of the company, Mr. Koskovos explained that the company was formed by his parents in 1972. As a part of the second generation, Mr. Koskovos and his brother took over the company at the end of 1996. ANORAK also prides itself on its entirely Greek production line and emphasizes that corporate growth may only occur as long as Greece and the EU develop.

ANORAK’s mission

“The mission of the company is to offer and supply people with garments that can protect them for long periods at a time,” Mr. Koskovos explained, “The company started out manufacturing rain garments. While still produce weather protection gear, in the last 14 years, we have expanded our range with the ballistic protection line of production.”

In the manufacture of body armor, ANORAK uses both major categories of ballistic materials. Their protective solutions are mostly hybrid, combining the advantages of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with those of aramids.

The company’s biggest clients

“We have several clients from all over the world,” Mr. Koskovos said, “We don’t have any significant major clients and no one that I can name. However, we do have contracts with companies in the public sector and the private sector. We also have collaborations with some special forces units, and we have numerous representatives and other shops buying to sell our products in their countries.”

ANORAK’s most popular products

“The most popular products in our ballistic range are our tactical products and our undershirt plate carriers,” Mr. Koskovos gestured to the vests on display, “As for our latest product, we have manufactured an undershirt which offers side protection as well as front and back protection. We have also developed a vest that can be very easily worn and concealed underneath a suit.”

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