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5 Differences Between Male and Female Designed Body Armor

Many are the demands from women who work in defensive bodies to obtain adequate materials for their work. Obtaining and distributing female bulletproof vests adapted to their physiognomy is currently one of the most desired requests.

But, what are the differences between vests designed for a male and female physiognomy?

The shape of the female vests

The main difference between the two vests is the shape of the vest. Weight, although it can be taken into account when designing a bulletproof vest adapted to the female physiognomy, is not one of the most important factors. It is the shape of the vest, shorter, more flexible and adjustable for women, which allows it to adapt better to the body.

Large exterior

While men’s vests tend to be straight, adapting to the torso, women’s vests are designed differently. In the back area, the sides are fan-shaped, so that they adapt to the chest. In addition, the ends of the female vest are usually more open than the male vests, to avoid rubbing the armpits with the vest.


The waist of the women’s vests is much wider and shorter than that of the men, as well as adjustable. This allows easy adaptability of the vest to the body. In addition, the short waist allows women to easily access their work tools. The vest waist is a big problem, since in men’s vests it is too long to be comfortable for women. If the waist is too long, it makes it impossible to obtain the work tools, normally located at the height of the hips.

Adjustable Velcro

Women’s vests usually have velcro straps in the shoulders and waist. In this way, both the shoulders and the waist will be properly covered by the vest. This is one of the trickiest parts to build in bulletproof vests. In many cases, the so-called unisex vests do not have adjustable straps or velcro. This makes both women and many men whose body does not conform to the established measurements of the vest from not feeling comfortable wearing them.

Flexible shoulders

An alternative to adjustable velcro on the shoulders can be flexible elastic straps. Many vests have rigid shoulder pads instead. This causes that, in many women, the vest is very high, or very low. The flexible elastic straps prevent total protection of the torso and hinders access to work tools.

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