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Thousands Of Ballistic Vests For The Uruguayan National Police

After a hard-fought international bidding process with more than 20 participants from all over the world the Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior has decided to purchase 10000 ballistic vests from the body armor manufacturer Marom Dolphin for its police force.

The 10,000 pieces of body armor from Marom Dolphin are certified according to the NIJ 0101.06 ballistic standard and offer a Level IIIA ballistic resistance. The price per ballistic vest is US$ 230.

The body armor order has been broken down into 4200 ballistic vests in size Small, another 4200 vests in size Medium, 1500 in size Large and 100 vests in other sizes.

All vests come with a black color ballistic carrier that will become mandatory for the executive personnel of the National Police of Uruguay nationwide.

The ballistic protection of the panel are guaranteed to keep their ballistic properties for eight years and do not contain environmentally hazardous materials.

The offer from the Israelian company Marom Dolphin, contained better prices from a Chinese competitor, which offer lacked the requested NIJ test certificates.

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