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Ukraine Approves Second Design of Female Body Armor

In a significant step towards enhancing the safety and effectiveness of female soldiers in Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Defense Ministry has recently approved the production of a second type of ballistic vest specifically designed for women. The announcement, made on January 11, comes as part of a broader initiative to address the unique needs and challenges faced by the growing number of women in the country’s military.

This development follows the approval of the first sample of body armor for female soldiers on December 27, a milestone achieved with the efforts of Ukrainian Armor. The company actively campaigned to highlight the necessity for specialized protective gear for women serving in active combat roles. With over 62,000 women voluntarily serving in Ukraine’s Armed Forces, including 5,000 in combat roles, the approval of a second design underscores the commitment to gender-specific protective equipment.

Temp3000, a major supplier of protective gear to the Ukrainian military, is responsible for the production of the newly approved design. This vest incorporates adjustable trauma pads, allowing each woman to customise the fit to her body, ensuring both comfort and functionality in the field. Weighing at least 10.5 kilograms, the Temp3000 vest aligns with the standards of other body armor currently utilised by the Ukrainian military.

The Defense Ministry has indicated that both the Ukrainian Armor and Temp3000 vests are now available for centralised procurement. The General Staff will determine the quantity required to meet the needs of female soldiers in active service. This move is crucial for the more than 5,000 women currently engaged in combat roles who often rely on uniforms and armor designed for men, or resort to acquiring their own gear through various channels.

It’s worth noting that the approval of these specialised ballistic vests is a step towards recognising the unique requirements of female soldiers. Historically, women in the military have faced challenges in obtaining gear that fits properly and meets their specific needs. The introduction of these vests not only addresses this issue but also reflects a broader commitment to inclusivity and gender equality within the armed forces.

In terms of production capacity, Ukrainian Armor has expressed its capability to produce up to 10,000 vests within 90 days. Simultaneously, Temp3000 stands ready to produce 5,000 vests per month if orders are placed in advance, according to Deputy Defense Minister Vitalii Polovenko.

The Defense Ministry’s approval of a standard sample of summer field uniforms for female soldiers in August further demonstrates an ongoing commitment to addressing the unique needs of women serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The introduction of specialized protective gear, including the recent approval of the second design of body armor, is a positive step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of all military personnel, regardless of gender.

Temp3000, the company responsible for the newly approved design, stands as a R&D and production company with a history dating back to 1989. Specialising in the production of personal protection, the company boasts a comprehensive range of products, including ballistic helmets, hard armor plates, covert and overt body armor, bomb disposal suits and equipment, tactical gear, tactical equipment, and ballistic shields.

The approval of the second design of body armor for female soldiers in Ukraine is a commendable move towards ensuring the safety and efficacy of women serving in the military. This development not only addresses a critical gap in protective gear but also signifies a broader commitment to gender-specific considerations within the armed forces. As the Defense Ministry proceeds with centralized procurement, it marks a positive stride towards inclusivity, equality, and enhanced protection for all military personnel.

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