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TYR Tactical To Move Into Bigger Building In Peoria Area

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TYR Tactical, a high-end law enforcement body armor, vests, backpacks and clothing manufacturer, began its construction of a new 76,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing building in the Peoria area.

TYR Tactical has served many areas of law enforcement including U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Secret Service, DEA, FBI and SWAT teams in many locations around the world including Peoria, Scottsdale, New Zealand and Canada.

TYR Tactical CEO Jason Beck said the company spent several years looking for a new location. He said TYR Tactical rented the building they’re currently in starting in 2010, and two years later, began their search for a permanent location. Beck said people are happy with the current location but the business beckons for something bigger, as they’re outgrowing the location.

Beck said a study with the employees was conducted. The company wanted to learn the employees’ demographics, which revealed most resided around the I-10 and 101 freeways. For them, the company wanted to remain nearby.

The new building will allow the business to grow and provide an area (showroom) to showcase their products to potential buyers.

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Beck said the company’s primary focus is to save lives, and the new facility allows them to offer more in the way of protection for law enforcement. Customers can visit the showroom to see what they want to order. Instead of waiting 30 to 60 days for their order, law enforcement only waits a week.

LGE Design Tapped To Construct New TYR Tactical Building

LGE Design was contacted to come up with the building design and oversees the construction.

LGE Design Build President David Sellers said the company was excited to start construction to boost TYR Tactical’s company and product manufacturing. He said the building would bring together the retail, office and manufacturing spaces so that the building will be everything TYR Tactical will need for many years. Sellers said LGE Design takes tremendous pride in all their undertakings and looks forward to helping TYR Tactical to expand.

Beck said with the manufacturing department expanding, it will lead to more jobs within the company, which means more employed folks in the area. He said the goal is to hire roughly 185 people with up to 150 of these jobs being sewers. Beck said the company has, what it likes to affectionately call itself, a sewing university that will help the locals.

According to Beck, sewers are an integral part of the company since they cut and sew vests on the site, as they know how vital it is for customers to have the right items sewn.

Beck said the company’s commitment is to its community and the safety of their product users. He said it’s more important to save lives than make money – something he said he lives by every day.

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