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Exploring the Latest Innovations at TenCate Advanced Armor: A Closer Look at Protection and Safety

During an interview at the Enforce Tac event, Jens Christian Falkenberg, the Marketing Manager at TenCate Advanced Armor, shared insightful perspectives on the company’s contributions to the body armor industry. He highlighted their dedication to improving protection and survivability, as well as discussed TenCate’s engineering endeavors and fresh initiatives.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

TenCate Advanced Armor is a global leader in security and comprehensive defense solutions. With a focus on safeguarding land vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and personal security, the company has established itself as a prominent figure within the industry.

A key attribute of TenCate is its independence, which sets it apart from conventional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This independence empowers TenCate Advanced Armor to tailor protective solutions without predetermined biases, ensuring all-encompassing security across diverse scenarios.

Furthermore, the company boasts an impressive engineering legacy, serving as a long-standing partner in engineering for airplanes and naval vessels. Their proficiency in material science is noteworthy. They create solutions that strike a balance between protection, weight reduction, and operational efficiency. This results in products that are more mobile, safer, and capable of carrying heavier loads.

Innovations and Personal Security

TenCate Advanced’s inventiveness is noticeable in the field of personal security. The approved VPAM ballistic standard Level 7 plate deserves special mention as it is in line with market requirements.

This plate addresses important issues in personal security with its superior lightweight design and improved features. Its extraordinary qualities give users greater maneuverability and less weight, enabling them to work without compromising their safety.

This innovation meets the specific needs of German markets. Due to their dedication to the French army’s compliance standards, several European countries, including the Netherlands and Switzerland, have chosen to use these plates.

Ten Cate

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

TenCate is guided by ethical and sustainable principles. Their three-fold strategy revolves around conserving resources, minimizing waste, and reducing emissions. Prioritizing renewable energy, recycling, and responsible sourcing of materials, TenCate actively contributes to a more sustainable future for the industry while meeting customer expectations.

Strong Partnerships and Dedication

Customer confidentiality remains paramount, as do partnerships. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of customer needs, TenCate Advanced Armor develops cutting-edge solutions that offer unparalleled protection. Driven by a commitment to excellence, the company remains a trusted partner in delivering top-tier security measures. These solutions not only address current security challenges but also anticipate future threats, empowering customers to stay ahead of the curve.

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