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Sky News Reporters in Ukraine Safeguarded by Body Armor

In a chilling incident, Sky News journalists were caught in the line of fire from Russian forces during their coverage in Ukraine earlier this week.

The team, led by experienced foreign correspondent Stuart Ramsay, was attacked on Monday while traveling in a vehicle near the capital city, Kyiv. Disturbing video footage captures the moment their car was subjected to gunfire.

Ramsay reported that the assailants were Russian saboteurs who had targeted civilians fleeing the area. “It’s a professional ambush,” Ramsay states in his narrative on the video, emphasizing the relentless accuracy of the bullets.

In the face of the gunfire, the journalists decided to make a dash for safety down an embankment.

Remarkably, camera operator Richie Mockler continued to record the incident even as bullets penetrated the vehicle he was in. Fortunately, his body armor absorbed two rounds, safeguarding him. The entire team of five journalists managed to escape the perilous situation and has safely returned to the United Kingdom.

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