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Sioen Ballistics: Advancements in Protective Solutions

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A key component of the Sioen Industries Group and one of Europe’s top suppliers of complete protective solutions, Sioen Ballistics, demonstrates a dedication to safety and innovation in the protective gear sector. Recently, BodyArmorNews.com interviewed Mr. Kristof Daels, the Business Development Manager from the company’s headquarters in Belgium, and Mr. Mikko Häikiö, the Managing Director from Sioen Ballistics’ Finnish headquarters, discussing the company’s values and procedures.

Technological Competence and Unique Solutions

Ballistic and Stab Proof Armor
Ballistic and Stab Proof Armor

Sioen Ballistics offers a wide range of products including professional protective clothes, technical textiles, and ballistic and stab-proof items. Their product line includes items for a wide range of uses, from standard protective clothing to specialized equipment for high-risk scenarios. The company commitment to technological improvement is demonstrated by the integration of Verseidag Ballistic Protection Oy into its current ballistic department, Sioen Ballistics. This strategic move further enhances their capacity to provide modern ballistic solutions in a variety of fields.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Maintaining the highest industry standards, Sioen Ballistics receives product and quality certifications. Their products are rigorously tested by external notified bodies to make sure they meet international protection standards. These include NIJ, CAST 2017, and VPAM.

Tailored Solutions and Market Response

Driven by a customer-centric approach, the company develops customized solutions to address unique operational requirements and risks. Using numerous materials, sometimes employing combinations of up to six raw materials, they design affordable, lightweight, and adaptable solutions.

Local Focus, Global Impact

Despite their global reach, Sioen Ballistics remains firmly rooted in their native countries, Belgium and Finland. With more than ten production plants spanning Tunisia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Finland, Estonia and Romania, and over 4,500 employees worldwide, the company maintains a balanced approach to production and distribution. This strategic localization enables them to prioritize partnerships with national defense and law enforcement agencies. Through this they also ensure a secure domestic supply chain while facilitating export opportunities.

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Sustainable Practices and Ethical Standards

Sustainability and moral principles are fundamental to Sioen Ballistics’ business practices. Their production facilities follow strict ecological guidelines, these include semi-automated plants that comply with environmental regulations. Furthermore, the company exhibits a thorough approach to environmental responsibility with programs including extensive recycling programs and a focus on product durability, with items boasting a typical lifespan of over ten years.

Sioen Ballistics strives to be an European leader by quickly and efficiently adapting to market demands. Their ability to merge varied product lines, while being environmentally conscious is moving them closer to this goal.

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