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Police Officer Saved By Bulletproof Vest

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Officer Saved By Armor Vest

Deputy Brandon W. Underhill was assisting the Cecil County, Maryland Task Force in service of a no knock search warrant seeking evidence of controlled substance violation. The occupant of the residence was a male age 60 with no known criminal history. The police team executing the warrant included members of the task force, deputies from Harford County and a state trooper.

Immediately after entry was made officers observed the suspect standing in a bedroom looking out the open door at the officers. The suspect closed the door and was holding it shut as the officers attempted to gain entry into the bedroom.

Deputy Underhill was positioned along the wall separating the hallway from the bedroom. The suspect fired one round from a .357 magnum handgun. The bullet passed through the wall adjacent to the door frame and struck Deputy Underhill. The bullet impacted Underhill’s body armor ¼ inch from the edge of the bullet proof vest under the left armhole opening.

Officers returned fire hitting the suspect. The suspect refused for several minutes to surrender to the officers. He eventually complied and came out of the room after an estimated ten minutes.

Saved by Bulletproof Vest

Deputy Underhill was transported by ambulance to a hospital. He was treated for a superficial backface signature bruise on his torso where the bullet impacted and was stopped by his body armor. Deputy Underhill was released from the hospital after two hours and was able to return to duty.

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The shooter was airlifted to a trauma center and held under police guard until he recovered from three gunshot wounds. The shooter was charged with attempted murder of a police officer. He was convicted on June 4, 2009 of the lesser included offense of attempted involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to prison.

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