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Oregon Ballistic Laboratories Launches Innovative New Website

Salem, OR – Oregon Ballistic Laboratories announces the launch of an innovative new website that demonstrates the advanced testing services offered by the Salem, Oregon company.

Specializing in ballistic, blast, body armor and forced entry testing, OBL’s new website features industry-leading content, including multiple high speed videos and detailed photos of blast and ballistic testing. The website also serves as a tool for current and potential clients to contact OBL’s team of technical experts.

“Our primary intent at www.oregonbl.com is to illustrate the diverse testing services we provide while also keeping our customers and friends throughout the armor testing community informed of what’s new at OBL” stated John Harvey, General Manager for the company. “We also wanted the new website to clearly indentify our subject matter experts and also share our armor testing accreditations.”

OBL invites all interested parties to visit the new site at www.oregonbl.com

Since 2006, Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (NVLAP Code 2008-26) has provided the most accurate and scientific ballistic test data available. OBL is a NIJ-certified, NVLAP-accredited body armor test lab capable of performing all portions of NIJ STD 0101.06. Setting itself apart from the competition, OBL also takes great pride in offering unique armor testing services such as IED blast testing for military vehicle manufacturers and forced entry testing of hardened doors and windows for the US Department of State. Featuring rapid turnaround and a strong focus on integrity, quality and professionalism, OBL is utterly committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers.

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