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Miguel Caballero Delivers 3,000 Ballistic Vests to Ecuadorian Police in Record Time

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Miguel Caballero delivered 3,000 vests for the protection of the Police in Ecuador in record time. The Colombian company dispatched the 3,000 vests, meeting 100% of the required quality parameters.

Adhering to its high-quality standards and fulfilling its mission to Save Lives, Miguel Caballero, through its direct distributor Ronald Jaramillo, achieved the dispatch of 3,000 Level IIIA vests, both for women and men, to safeguard the dedicated men and women of the police force in Ecuador who bravely combat crime in the country. This accomplishment was achieved in just 45 days.

This delivery is noteworthy for meeting 100% of the quality requirements following highly satisfactory tests conducted at the Indumil laboratory in Colombia. These garments also comply with ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and NIJ ballistic standards.

Regarding this significant achievement, Miguel Caballero, CEO of the company bearing his name, stated, “We are very pleased to have, in record time, delivered 3,000 vests that meet the highest quality standards and are now available to the brave men and women who make up the police force in Ecuador. We will continue working to save the lives of those who protect citizens with their own.”

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