The employees of Kalsee Credit Union broke a Guinness World Record, which resulted in Kalamazoo Public Safety ordering eight new K-9 bulletproof vests.

The Kalamazoo City Commission voted to accept the donation of over $7,000 from Kalsee Credit Union on March 17, according to commissioner Robert Cinabro, allowing Kalamazoo Public Safety to order K-9 bulletproof vests. “It was unanimous,” Cinabro said. “I’m very pleased.”

The Kalamazoo City Commission normally receives smaller donations, according to Cinabro, and the donation from the Kalsee Credit Union was “quite a bit.”

“Anything to protect our dogs,” Cinabro said.

Kalsee Credit Union, located on 2501 Millcork St. in Kalamazoo, raised the money on Monday, Feb. 17, by breaking a Guinness World Record for most coins tossed in a bucket in one minute.

Kalsee Credit Union’s record of 869 coins shattered the old world record of 289 coins tossed in a bucket three meters away, in under a minute, according to Human Resources Manager Sheldon Faworski.


That same day, Feb. 17, Kalamazoo Public Safety performed a demonstration for Kalsee Credit Union. One officer put on a dog bite suit and had a dog attack him. Police Chief Jeff Hadley said the demonstration was important because everyone saw the purpose of the donation.

The Kalamazoo Public Safety has nine handlers for nine dogs. Hadley said most handlers end up adopting their dog after it retires.

K-9 bulletproof vests give dogs up to date technology

The K-9 bulletproof vests have a cycle of about five years, according to Hadley, and the donation did not cover the whole cost of eight bulletproof vest, but it helped a lot. “Not only does it help from a financial standpoint, it also gives officers and dogs up to date technology,” Hadley said.

Kalsee Credit Union was able to raise the amount over the span of a few weeks, and practiced to break the world record, Faworski said. During trial days, employees would practice with different coins and experiment with putting sand or water at the bottom of the bucket, according to Faworski. Most people preferred quarters and nickels, Faworski said.

Looking at different scenarios of tossing coins in buckets helped, Faworski said. They learned the best technique. Faworski said people brought about $3,000 in coins total on the day and is “ecstatic” they broke a world record. “I can’t believe to this day that we have a world record,” Marketing Manager Dennis Christensen said.
Christensen said Channel 3 was at the event on Feb. 17 and was attracted to the idea of breaking a world record. All the money was raised by Kalsee Credit Union employees, Christensen said, and every penny went to the police dogs.

“It was probably the most important thing,” Christensen said, referring to the police dogs. “It was like a moth to a porch light. The media was attracted to the world record. When we explained we were raising it for the K-9s, then that turned into the buzz. They were with us the entire time raising money for this day.” Everyone enjoyed the dogs and demonstration, Faworski said.

“Everyone loved it,” Faworski said. “You donate money then you get to see why you donate it,” Hadley said. “Everybody loves dogs.”