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EnGarde Premieres New FLEX-PRO™ Flexible Bulletproof Panel

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EnGarde body armor, one of the top producers of body armor in the world, is taking its product show on the road this year to introduce the world to their new FLEX-PRO™ flexible ballistic panel.  One of the stops for EnGarde will be the SOFEX exhibition on May 5-8 in Jordan.

The star of the EnGarde show will be the FLEX-PRO™ flexible bulletproof panel, available in NIJ Level II and IIIA configurations.  The bendable design and weight of the FLEX-PRO™ represents a huge advance in the engineering of soft, flexible bulletproof panels.  The FLEX-PRO™ is soft it can be easily rolled but strong enough to pass the NIJ STD 0101.06 standard, one of the toughest testing protocols available that includes shots placed close to the panel edges.

FLEX-PRO™ the worlds most flexible bulletproof panel

“One of the best parts of my job is rolling out a new product,” says EnGarde Marketing Manager Iwan Luiten. “And we couldn’t think of a better venue to premiere our FLEX-PRO™ panel than at SOFEX. A flexible bulletproof panel that sets new standards for flexibility and comfort deserves a world class venue.”

The new FLEX-PRO™ flexible bulletproof panel will be featured in concealable vests, such as EnGarde’s DeLuxe and Dual Use but, due to its superior stopping power, the panel will also appear in EnGarde’s Panther and Leopard tactical body armor.  Any enhancements that make body armor more comfortable to wear increase the likelihood of compliance among those in law enforcement, the military and private security.

SOFEX stands for Special Operations Forces Expedition and takes place in Jordan every two years.  The show is one of the largest shows of military hardware geared toward special operations teams.  Seminars are offered by security experts and top military officials from around the world and cover issues including counter-terrorism and homeland defense. With 75,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor display space, SOFEX is attended by defense chiefs, military leaders, and delegates from law enforcement and leaders of special operations teams and is renowned as one of the largest defense exhibitions anywhere.

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Anyone attending SOFEX is invited by the EnGarde booth for an up-close look at the new FLEX-PRO™ panel, the display will be in Hall 1, booth # C107.

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