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Improved Bullet Proof Vests For K-9 Police Dogs

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Improved Ballistic Protection For Police Dogs

For police dogs, the daily job has become safer thanks to custom-made bulletproof vests that, in many cases, are provided through organisations and private funding efforts.

Police departments and their canine partners want to make the public aware how important bulletproof vests are. Not only for police officers but also for their dogs. There are several K-9 dogs that are wearing these vests to demonstrate their versatility and life-saving capabilities. These lightweight vests are custom fitted to the dogs and are quite expensive at approximately $3,000 each! Thanks to fundraising efforts by many local groups along with animal loving individuals funds are being raised to ensure these animals are protected when on duty.

The dogs are constantly in situations where they can be easily harmed. K-9 dogs are on duty 24 hours a day performing dangerous work such as sniffing for bombs, drugs, weapons, searching for missing people and even chasing down suspects.

The new designs in these vests are lighter and much more streamlined than earlier versions. The lightweight vests allow the dogs to remain agile instead of being bogged down by heavy cumbersome vests of the past. If a dog is chasing down a suspect or searching for drugs, they must be able to move quickly and remain agile.

Last year, ten K-9 dogs were killed in the line of duty in the United States. Dogs, today, are facing even bigger challenges with the onslaught of the drug Fentanyl, which is now found in heroin but a great deal more powerful and dangerous. Police officers now carry the spray naloxone, known as Narcan to save people who have overdosed. They are also prepared to use it on their dogs if need be.

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K-9 dogs are heroes who place their lives on the line to keep communities safe from criminals, bombs, drugs, and weapons. The money to help these heroes remain safe is well worth it because what they do is phenomenal!

K-9 dogs live with their handlers and when on duty, they are constantly trained to keep a constant eye on their handlers at all times. These wonderful dogs are often called upon to find a missing child or adult who has either wandered off or has been abducted.

Some fundraisers include Liz Taranda and Jay Dewan who wanted to do something in memory of their beloved cat who died from cancer. They started the private foundation called “Paw It Forward” to raise money for two vests. Barbara Schroeder, a member of the Rotary Club said donating a vest was partly in remembrance of the first responders who died in 9-11.

Not only should all of us find ways to protect our police officers but also to protect their heroic K-9 partners. There are many organizations and private groups in communities across the country that are giving their time and efforts to make sure these very special dogs are safe while defending the safety of their communities. These dogs are trained in ways that none of us could even come close to, so shouldn’t they be protected in every way possible?

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  1. Are these K9 vests, coating $3,000 and custom fit for each dog MADE IN THE U.S.A. ? To equip ALL POLICE DOGS AND MILIARY SERVICE DOGS with BULLET PROOF AND STAB PROOF VESTS SHOULD ONLY BE MADE BY IN THE U.S.A. Please state where these vests are currently being made. If outside the U.S.A., that needs to change, now !


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