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Body Armor At IWA & OutdoorClassics 2019 Show In Nuremberg, Germany

Body Armor At IWA & OutdoorClassics 2019

IWA & OutdoorClassics is one of the most professionally organized target sports and outdoor activities sector trade shows in Europe. The show serves as an ideal business interaction podium for experienced professional executives from the outdoor equipment, gun, knife and airsoft industry and is attended by more than 45,00 visitors on a regular basis.

Attendees can browse through an impressive range of guns and ammunition, knives, airsoft, hunting accessories, security equipment, body armor, training tools and law enforcement information at the show, which is held over a period of four days. A separate demonstration area was also set up during the event.

More than 1560 exhibiting companies are present at the show, including foreign participants from over 60 countries.

Also this year a large number of body armor manufacturers display their products at the IWA exhibition. We noticed Safariland, Propper and Point Blank Body Armor from the United States showing off their latest carrier designs. Although European body armor manufacturers such as BSST, Mehler Law Enforcement ,MK Technology, Sioen Ballistics were present.

Body Armor Innovation

We did not see a lot of innovation in the field of ballistic panel design. This is probably due to the worldwide shortage of ballistic materials and a new NIJ .07 body armor standard coming out. Although the new standard was originally planned to be released in in 2018, we now heard rumours that the release might even be postponed until 2020.

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