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Is This The Face Of the Future Warrior?

Is This The Face Of the Future Soldier?

Body armour, ballistic helmets and shields are now all common sights on our streets, whether London or Baghdad. Now a UK manufacturer has designed and developed the latest “must have” attachment.

United Shield International

United Shield International a Hampshire based producer of ballistic protection equipment has developed the BANDIT 4 Ballistic Faceguard. Company spokesman, Terry Hand, said that the Faceguard has been developed in response to growing demand worldwide for add on protection especially for soldiers, but also for Police Tactical and Firearms teams where there is a high likelihood that they will face armed resistance. The Bandit 4 is currently undergoing trials with Military and Police users around the world.

In general terms the torso and the head have been well protected against bullet and fragment but the face has long been ignored because of the complexity in designing a multi fit, easily attached and removeable accessory to fit standard issue helmets, at an acceptable weight. United Shield International believes it has overcome this with the simplest, robust fastening system based upon the ski boot adjustable clamping lock.

The faceguard is made from a rigid aramid matrix, the same “Kevlar” based system used in the construction of the helmets themselves. Extension arms position the clamping lock so that it can secure the Faceguard to the helmet. At 700 grams the helmet and faceguard is 25% lighter than the conventional helmet with transparent visor.

The Bandit 4 will stop handguns up to the .44 magnum and most importantly a high proportion of the fragments and debris found on the modern day streets of conflict.

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