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Indian Police Unit Seeks Information on Current Body Armor in Districts

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A Delhi Police Unit has sent out letters to all districts inquiring about the status and condition of the body armor in their possession. The agency also inquired as to what body armor requirements would be for the coming five years. This letter was sent to all State/UT districts, other law enforcement units and battalions asking for a five-year projection of their Indian body armor requirements.

Sources said, “The letter was written by India’s MHA Police Modernization Division saying that the Under Secretary of India has been ordered to announce that the Government of India is planning on increasing the level of protection for soldiers while decreasing the weight of body armor.” Sources said that plans are underway to establish a body armor manufacturing unit in India to produce lightweight armor materials. This is why they need projections for the next five years regarding the number of protective vests, BP jackets, helmets, armored vehicles and helicopters that will be required. These Indian body armor projections will be used to determine production capacity and the financial investment needed to proceed.

“In light of the information above and the country’s operational requirements for manufacturing lightweight armor material to fulfil the projected needs of body armor by law enforcement over the next five years, please provide this office the requested information for perusal by MHA,” sources quoted the letter as saying.

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