H.P. White Laboratory, an Intertek company, has made an announcement that after 83 years it ceases operations at March 31, 2020.

H.P. White has been one of the most renowed independent test laboratories worldwide and known especially for ballistic resistance testing including body armor, helmets, vehicle armor, structural armor, and more.

H.P. White was the first NIJ-approved test laboratory. Body armor manufacturers now need to certify their body armor at NTS Chesapeake or Oregon Ballistic Laboratories.

However at the time of writing the National Institute of Justice’s Compliance Testing Program has been paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Yes I’m sorry to see them go too they were a big part of Harford county Maryland.I live right around the corner from them. Listen to them every weekend testing their ballistics. They were very busy for a while and I was wondering why I’ve seen their Gates closed lately when I come home from work. Now I know why. Good luck to the company maybe they’ll open back up again.

  2. Hi There, a bit cheeky, but at our range in the UK, we do a wide range of ballistic testing, and increasingly have been contacted by former customers of HP White, which is how I heard this sad news.
    If it fits for you – and I realise a few thousand miles away is not the most convenient! – we’d be happy to help with ballistic trials.
    Best wishes


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