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Famae and NFM Group Unveil Advanced Ballistic Vests

Factories and Workshops of the Army (Famae) debuted state-of-the-art ballistic vests, a collaborative effort with NFM Group exclusively tailored for the Chilean market, during the Security Expo 2023.

In a strategic alliance established in July 2022, Famae and NFM Group ventured into a comprehensive collaboration covering co-manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tactical clothing and personal protection. This agreement not only facilitates Famae’s access to the latest advancements from the Norwegian firm but also positions the company to reinforce its presence in the global defense market. Famae is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and top-notch protection equipment of the highest quality to Defense and Security Forces in Chile and neighboring regions.

To realize this commitment, Famae inaugurated the Ballistic Protection Plant (PPB) in Talagante, exclusively dedicated to the production of tactical and protection equipment. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, a specialized workforce, and premium raw materials, Famae aims to meet production targets while collaborating with NFM from Norway to provide highly reliable equipment tailored to the dynamic needs of the security and ballistic protection market.

Founded in 1996, NFM specializes in designing and manufacturing protection equipment that enhances users’ combat capabilities while ensuring optimal protection. Trusted by over 50 military and police institutions worldwide, NFM’s experts meticulously design and develop a diverse range of ballistic protection equipment, including soft ballistic panels, hard armor plates, and protection against stabbing, puncturing, and blunt force trauma.

NFM’s advanced technology and materials, showcased in products like Garm combat clothing, Hjelm helmet system, Thor modular load-carrying system, Skjold body armor, and EC-Paint equipment camouflage, offer solutions that strike the perfect balance between protection, thickness, weight, and price. These continuous innovations are now accessible to end-users in Chile and the region through Famae.

This strategic partnership facilitates greater accessibility to NFM products in Chile, providing a local showroom and production center for customers to explore products and conduct tests. This initiative opens avenues for end-users to seamlessly access new developments and innovations in Chile and the broader region.

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