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EnGarde Body Armor Is Saving Lives And The Environment

EnGarde Contributing To Save Lives And The Environment

Every year thousands of brave men and women in law enforcement and the military are placed in harm’s way to protect the lives of another. Often the only shield standing between life and death is their body armor. And EnGarde’s body armor is not only protecting lives, but the environment as well, without sacrificing durability or reliability. In fact, it outperforms competing pure aramid alternatives from an environmental perspective.

With the introduction of the European Commission Green Action Plan in 2014, manufacturers across the continent are answering the call to reduce waste and greenhouse gases and increase efficiency by 2020. Also, green products have been well received by European consumers. A survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group revealed that the majority of consumers have purchased environmentally friendly products and will continue to do so.

But when you’re manufacturing a product like body armor that is designed to stop bullets, it needs to perform every time. Lives are depending on it and there is no middle ground.

Using the latest Dyneema®, body armor manufacturers can meet sustainability goals and develop a stronger product. Considered the world’s strongest material, Dyneema® is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40 percent stronger than aramids, weight-for-weight. Its lighter weight enables it to float on water and is also moisture-resistant.

“We have worked with DSM Dyneema for more than 11 years and have supplied thousands of companies with body armor made with Dyneema®,” said Iwan Luiten, marketing manager, EnGarde BV.

A life cycle analysis shows that a Dyneema® vest will result in a 30 percent lower carbon footprint than an aramid vest over a 10 year use. Also, the energy generated during its end of life thermal recycling can be captured and re-used further reducing its impact on the environment.

The innovative technology behind the development of Dyneema® is impressive. It received the 2014 WorldSafe Product Innovation Award from the Safe America Foundation.

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